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Welcome to BTC365, the game-changing crypto I-Gaming Platform with Casino's Dividend for all BTC365 players! Approaching a 10 million USD value Token Pool!. Congratulations to all BTC365 players and enjoy your dividend payouts!.


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A BTC365 player's account is a separate account that can be registered through BTC365.

To create an account, please follow these 2 simple steps.

STEP 1: Register in BTC365 player's site at our player's site

STEP 2: After your player account has been created, navigate to "BTC365 Partners" tab and register your BTC365 Partner's account

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Where is BTC365 located and licensed?

BTC365 is licensed by the gambling commission of E-Gambling Montenegro.

View our License

Why promote BTC365 to users?

BTC365 is created by betting and blockchain enthusiasts to suit both experience and beginner crypto players.

We design and implement Revolutionary Features such as: Dividend Token, loot boxes, swift deposits and withdrawals, and a player-centric experience

Providing a tailor-made crypto gambling platform through the integration of various industry leading software providers. BTC365 is fully licensed and regulated by E-Gambling Montenegro with satisfied customers globally.

Our products include World-Class sports betting software by IM Sportsbook and IM Esports catering OVER 100,000 Sports and Esports matches every month, 4 Original crypto In-House games and over 600 unique casino games available. BTC365 certainly provides the solution that best suits your player's gaming experience

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Why choose BTC365 Partners program

BTC365 is unlike all other traditional affiliate programs offered in the market.

We are a marketing team with more than 10 years' experience in the I-gambling industry.
We have revolutionized our Partnership's commission model which will guarantee you MORE earnings compared to traditional affiliate models.

You may refer to our commission page.

How to become a BTC365 Partner?

Getting started with BTC365 Partner is easy, Register a player account and unlock your BTC365 Partners application

Click here to get started immediately

Are there any Cost and Risk as a BTC365 partners?

There is 0 cost and risk-free registering as a BTC365 Partner. Register today and enjoy a lifetime of revenue stream.

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Is any personal details required to become a BTC365 Partner?

No, all you will need to provide is your email address

How do I refer players / Sub-Partners?

You may use your tracker links and assets generated on BTC365 Partner's account and share it with your players

How are my cryptos converted into USDT?

All cryptos are converted into USDT value based on crypto average price every last 4 hours (Base on CoinGecko and Binance crypto prices)

Conversion into USDT is used to calculate:
- Partner's Commission in USDT
- Purchasing of Loot Box by Players
- Generation of BTC365 tokens

Special request?

Certainly! Drop us an email at and provide us with as much reference as possible and a contact preference:
Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram and our Marketing Executives will contact you at the soonest possible time

Other requirements of creating a BTC365 partners account

Yes, to be able to get your account approved, let us know which channel or website your promoting as a reference
Contact us at OR add our Marketing Specialist from Contact us page to process your BTC365 Partnership application

What are sub partners and how our sub partners work?

Sub-Partners are downline Partners which are referred by you directly and indirectly.
As long as all the criteria are met, you will enjoy overriding commission from all downline Partners

Click here to understand more about our Commission structure

What is BTC365 token?

The BTC365 token facilitates the sharing of profits on our platform. You earn BTC365 tokens as you play any games on our platform.
The more tokens you accumulate, the larger your stake in our Dividend Pool profits. Use your BTC365 tokens to claim your dividends anytime!

Check out BTC365's Dividend Pool here

How to earn BTC365 token?

BTC365 Dividend Pool consist of 3 different cryptos (mBTC / ETH / USDT). A percentage of BTC365's entire revenue from players:
Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), Wagering and loot boxes are distributed into the Dividend Pool

These revenues distributed into the Dividend Pool are shared out amongst all our players based on the accumulated BTC365 tokens owned proportionate to the dividend pool

Check out BTC365's Dividend Pool here

Are BTC365 tokens available on any exchanges?

It is not available on any exchanges yet. However, listing it on an exchange is in our bucket list of plans in 2022

What is "My Dividends" ?

My Dividends shows the total amount of BTC365 tokens you own and how much mBTC / ETH / USDT you can claim from the Dividend Pool

Your BTC365 token value fluctuates depending on the revenue of the platform and the actual prices of crypto.
You may choose to claim it anytime when the value of each token reaches your target value

Proceed to Dividend Pool Page

Example of how the crypto value is calculated for the token

BTC365 token claiming from Dividend Pool = (Your current tokens / total tokens in pool) * Total mBTC / ETH / USDT in Dividend pool


1) If you own 1,000 BTC365 tokens
2) If the Dividend Pool has 10,000 BTC365 tokens
3) 1,000 / 10,000 = 10% (which means you own 10% of BTC365 Dividend Pool)

If the total value of the Dividend Pool is 1,000,000 USDT, you own 10% of it which is 100,000 USDT

Proceed to Dividend Pool Page to find out more

Are there any requirements in generating BTC365 tokens base on all successful bets made?

Yes, there is.

For Sportsbook and Esports , only wagers that are above 0.7 / 1.7 odds will be considered valid and tokens will be generated
HK - Odds above 0.7 ( valid )
Euro - Odds above 1.7 ( Valid )

Check your "Bet Records" to view all your successful bets made and how much tokens you have generated

Go to Bet Record Page

How many VIP levels are available for BTC365 players and what are the rewards given?

There are 28 progressive VIP levels for all BTC365 players at the moment

Each progress to a higher VIP level gives you better rewards and benefits from:

- Mining Multiplier
- Level Up rewards
- Next month rewards
- Birthday Bonus!

How do I gain VIP Levels after joining BTC365?

It's simple! Just play on BTC365, meet the wagering requirements and you will progress through the VIP rankings and receive better rewards

What other VIP benefits can I gain as a BTC365 player?

Higher VIP level gives you more lucrative rewards and benefits.

We have a range of exclusive rewards at the moment such as:
1) VIP Box tickets to sports matches
2) Rare NFTs
3) Seasonal Jackpots for exclusive VIP
4) Top 50 BTC365 tokens polling
5) Top BTC365 Partners stakeholders polling

What is BTC365 VIP Mining Multiplier reward?

A normal player wagers and mines tokens at a 100% rate from each valid bet.

As you increase your Level in VIP rankings, your Mining Multiplier increases for each new level. The highest Mining Multiplier is 200% at VIP Level 28.

This means a VIP 28 player will churn double the rate of BTC365 tokens for each successful wager. Doubling his claim from the Dividend Pool!

What will happen if I stop playing for some time? Will I drop in VIP Levels?

Each player will retain their VIP Level for a maximum of 6 months.

If a player does not achieve a new VIP level within a period of 6 months, our VIP system will calculate the average wagering over the period of last 6 months to determine whether to downgrade or maintain your VIP Level.

As your VIP Level reduces, your VIP Level benefits will also be re-adjusted accordingly

Maintain your VIP Level the best you can!

How do I apply for Partners Promotions?

It's simple, Contact Us and we will provide you a dedicated Marketing Specialist to help you participate in our promotional offers!

Are there any Brand Guides to follow when producing Marketing Banners?

The answer is Yes. Please contact our Marketing Specialist to understand our Branding Guidelines

If any Marketing collaterals are found being used by our Partners with unethical and inappropriate contents,
BTC365 has the rights to close your BTC365 Partner's account without any prior notice and warning

Please Contact our Marketing Specialist to if you need custom banners or BTC365 Brand Guide

What are BTC365 loot boxes?

BTC365 loot boxes are promos available for all BTC365 players! Free loot box and Seasonal loot box is available to all players daily

Purchasable loot box comes in 3 different types:
- Mix crypto loot box
- Free Crypto loot box
- BTC365 loot box

Each loot box comes in 5 different price categories: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 USDT or crypto value equivalent in USDT for mBTC and ETH choice of currency purchase.

Higher value loot box gives you higher value reward payouts.

Purchasable loot box rewards can be withdrawn directly without wagering. Free loot boxes will require 1X of wager before withdrawal is allowed

Proceed to Loot Box page!

Where do the profits of BTC365 loot boxes go to?

A portion of loot box purchasing profits will be contributed back into the Dividend Pool for all BTC365 players

Am I able to use BTC365 tokens to purchase loot boxes?

Not at the moment. Players can purchase loot box with mBTC, ETH, USDT at the moment and purchasing it in BTC365 tokens will be available soon

Proceed to Loot Box page!

Do we accept other types of partnership?

Yes, Certainly. Other types of partnership models include CPA, hybrid revenue share + CPA, Media buying partners and offline partners are available

For close partnership deals, please feel free to speak to our Marketing Specialist

You may find out contact channels at Contact us page or email us at

What is available after I get a BTC365 Partner account?

After your account has been approved, you will be able to login to your BTC365 Partner's account.

These are the tools available:
Tracking Code - Recruit new players and Sub-Partners
Tracking Report - Check how well your campaign is performing
Players Report - Check on all your player's performance and what product they like
Settlement - Check on your current commission this month
Media - Marketing Banners for your promotional campaigns ( Custom Banners available)
Pixel Post Back - Post back to your URL to track on your performance to see how well your doing
Withdrawal Centre - Input your wallet withdrawal address for your commission withdrawal

Register a BTC365 Partners now

What are bonuses and royalties?

Bonuses are rewarded or claimed by your players to increase their retention and lifetime value, which will in turn generate more commission for you!

Bonuses such as:
- First time deposit bonus
- VIP rewards
- Cashback
- Claims from Dividend Pool using BTC365 tokens are deductible bonuses

Royalties are cost that are paid to our providers.
Our Partners will bear a small cost % multiplied by their Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) before calculating a Partner's Commission Earnings

Am I able to monitor my own performance?

Yes, you will be able to monitor all performances from your players and a breakdown calculation of your Commission Earnings from the BTC365 Partner's account.

What is BTC365 Partner's commission Earnings calculation?

BTC365's Partner's commission pays up to 40% ( Fixed commission payout * Partner's commission Tier % )

Click here to understand more about our Commission structure

How do BTC365 Partners get paid?

Your account commission is calculated and paid in USDT. Your default choice of withdrawal is in USDT.
If you have request of other crypto withdrawal, please speak to our Marketing Specialist.

You may find out contact channels at "Contact us page" or email us at

Why is my Partner account in negative commission?

In any case where your account or downline has a total negative Net Gaming revenue (NGR),
your commission account will be negative and the negative commission balance will be brought forward to the following month during settlement

What happens to negative commission balance next month?

The negative commission balance will be brought forward and offset from your following months commission balance.
Should the commission balance still remain as negative, it will then be brought forward to the next month again

What if I have questions or disputes on my Commission Earnings?

Do not worry if you have any questions regarding your Commission Earnings, our Marketing Specialist is here to help 24/7

Please Contact our Marketing Specialist here

How fast are Partners withdrawal processed?

It takes a max of 2 business working days for a Partner's withdrawal to be processed

Contact us if you have any urgent or special request on your Commission withdrawals

What is a Sub-Partner

Sub-Partners can also be called downline Partners.
All Partners referred by you and your downline Partners are considered your Sub-Partners which will be visible under your account

How do I recruit Sub-Partners?

You will find your Sub-Partners tracking link in your account.
Simply promote this link and all BTC365 Partnership accounts and players registered via this link will be tagged under your account

All players from you or your downline Partners that joins BTC365 Partnership Program are also considered your Sub-Partners

What is overriding commission?

Overriding commission simply means you will be able to earn a percentage of commission from all your downline Partners

Click here to understand more about our Commission structure

Does overriding of my Sub-Partners commission affect my Sub-Partner's earnings?

It will not affect your Sub-Partner's commission earnings. You will only override the balance commission after your Partners takes their cut

Click here to understand more about our Commission structure

Is overriding going to let me earn more?

Yes, it will. Please refer to our commission page to understand how you will earn more from our overriding commission model.
It opens new channels of revenue which is not available in a traditional affiliate model

How do I earn commission from Sub-Partners?

If you are on a Partner's tier above your Sub-Partners, you will be able to override the remaining balance of the max payout commission from each of your Sub-Partners.

Please refer to our commission page to understand how you will earn more from our overriding commission model

Any other questions we can help?

Please feel free to look for our Marketing Specialist to clear any other doubts you have!

Contact us at OR add our Marketing Specialist from Contact us page

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